January 23, 2024

State Rep. John Bradford, a 4-term state legislator and candidate for Congress in North Carolina’s 8th congressional district, released his second televised ad today.

The ad can be viewed here

The ad, named “Tidy Twins,” features Bradford and his two twin daughters, who learned their work ethic from their father.

“Dad told me, ‘You’re never too good to clean somebody else’s toilet,’” said Bradford’s daughter.

Bradford jumps in, “I really did say that. And I didn’t make the mess in D.C., but I’m going to go clean it up.

No more open borders, high inflation, and woke garbage,” Bradford continues. “It’s time to clean up the liberal mess in Washington.

The 30-second ad began playing on broadcast and cable television throughout the district on January 19.

John Bradford is a new type of conservative leader with a proven record of tackling big issues with conservative principles. In the state legislature, he has been a champion of initiatives to lower taxes and attract more businesses to North Carolina, including balancing the state budget every year and delivering the largest personal income tax cut in state history.

John has also been a leader in outlawing sanctuary cities, strengthening local law enforcement, empowering parents to have a greater say in their children’s education, and passing voter ID to protect our elections.

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